Sunday, May 12, 2013

Then and Now

My own version.

Last January when Katie visited, I got the kids together on the front deck to recreate one of my favorite photos.

The original was taken around 1998, when Alyssa was five and Katie was fifteen. My vision for the black and white photo was to have my kids press their faces closely together and look serious- no smiling- and I would fill the frame with their faces. (I was using a single lens reflex Pentax and experimenting with my first roll of black and white film.) I kept telling the kids "Closer! Closer!" The actual, physical spacial restrictions wouldn't allow me to exactly pull off my vision. Of course I had to wait for the developing to see the results. It wasn't like the one in my head but I still liked it.

The recreation of that photo was a hilarious exercise in digital photography and my kids were devoted to my cause. We could check each shot and make changes with the angles and expressions. It was a cold, January day and we were rushed because we had to leave...for something. I forgot. But we got it. Kris did the editing to make it more perfect. I love it!

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