Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wedding Week Summary

We're back! It was a busy, joyful week with no internet service. I wanted to share some of the moments from our grand family adventure as they happened, but sitting in the McDonald's parking lot at eleven at night for a bit of email checking was all I could manage. So here is a photo summary of our week in Missouri, reuniting with far flung family and friends who came in for the big event, cooking enough food to feed several regiments of soldiers, eating one amazing meal after another, and dancing the night away at my son's nuptial celebration.

The girls, little boys and I arrived early to set up housekeeping and bake cakes. When all the men arrived a couple days later, as well as daughter Katie and her family from Michigan, we descended on the new in-laws for a meet and greet and to indulge in our first wonderful meal. The bride's family makes the best smoked pork in Missouri!

The week was chock full of special family times with everyone together and added fun from friends and distant family members. It couldn't have been more joyful.

We were constantly feeding a crowd, the best way to show family love is food. These are my little boys with April Phillip's little boys.

On Thursday the preparations for the rehearsal dinner began in earnest. I prepared all of the food for an estimate of fifty to sixty guests. My son, Kris, helped me grill twelve pounds of Alaskan sockeye salmon.

Friday night the girls set up a beautiful table of food in the Dog Trot (breezeway between the kitchen and parlor in our historic home) right under the slave's quarters. We had an Oregon themed menu of elk served in a garlic mushroom cream sauce over rice (served from the kitchen), grilled salmon, roasted spring asparagus, delicious wood-oven-baked bread from Kansas City, and a mixed green salad with red anjou pears, dried bing cherries, roasted hazelnuts, blue cheese (all brought from Oregon) and a maple vinegrette. We served a cabernet wine from the Columbia Valley in Oregon as well as a Pinos Gris from the Willamette Valley. (I distributed twenty bottles among the ten pieces of luggage to get it to Missouri.) For the beer drinkers we had a variety of Deschutes brews that I picked up at a bottle shop in Kansas City. Dessert was strawberry rhubarb slab pie. I brought the frozen pie dough and pie filling in two coolers on the airplane. Yes. I did. I wish I had taken a photo of our wagon train of luggage but I was too busy and distracted.

April came out to be my kitchen slave and to eat pie. She always appears when I need her.

Saturday morning, the day of the wedding, was also Peter's eleventh birthday. We had a celebratory breakfast. Chocolate chip cheesecake is a breakfast food, right?

He chose strawberry french toast for his breakfast menu.

Didn't I say that we were eating one fabulous meal after another?

Finally, the biggest event of all- the taking of a wife by my middle son, Neal, growing our family once again.

The day was sunny but cool.
That is beautiful bridesmaid Alyssa, in front. Her escort and she made a marvelous dancing couple, twirling and swinging like pros. I wish I had a video of them. I couldn't take my eyes off them. They had the moves.

The reception was held in a charmingly decorated, western style barn. More amazing smoked pork was served, this time in classic Missouri style on homemade buns with a heap of coleslaw and barbeque sauce on top. The signature cocktail was called the Regentini.

My new daughter-in-law wanted a classic, old school wedding cake with lots of piped buttercream.

There are more photos yet to surface. This is all I have to show you my mother of the groom dress, a shimmery, floor length, taupe colored number that is the second most formal dress I have ever worn.

We made lots of special memories that will be cherished for a long time to come.


  1. I am so happy that everything went well and you pulled it off. I was scared for you. It sounded like a huge undertaking. Everything looks just beautiful and the cake was beautiful! Good Job!

    1. Thank you! It was a huge undertaking but the organization worked and I had good helpers. There were several glitches (lost my recipe page, fallen cakes, etc.) but we(I)survived. The night we flew home I went to bed and slept for nine and a half solid hours! The restful sleep of the thoroughly exhausted.


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