Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Southern Charm

This Yankee has crossed the Mason Dixon Line. I'm sure of it because this charming little town has the largest magnolia trees I have ever seen, and every one is in full, glorious spring bloom.

It also has enough brick to rival a European city. Brick houses, brick churches, brick streets and brick sidewalks.

And so many stately, nineteenth century homes. This one is across the street from where we are staying. The beautiful porch takes my breath away. I wonder how many fireplaces it has because there are at least five chimneys.

Our sprawling brick rental house was built in the 1830's and is mysteriously guarding its stories of history. (Notice the purple Victorian in the background.)

There is a fireplace in every room of the newest part. Heating a home with these would be a lot of firewood and fire tending!

The bedroom opens out to the patio and garden views. Just what I need!

The house also has a former slaves quarters. Didn't I say mysterious?

Most importantly it has a fully equipped kitchen where I am working away at baking wedding cake. After a few glitches today I am back on track and looking forward to the rest of the week.


  1. Welcome to the South, Pam! You'll have to come back later in the summer to see and smell the glorious white magnolias, too.

  2. Oh, wow, it is really beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Prayers that all will go well with all the cooking and baking and especially the wedding! It looks like there is no longer snow on the ground (-:


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