Saturday, April 6, 2013

Loose Ends

I have had lots of intentions to keep up with my blog posts, taking photos, fermenting thoughts, but the days are far too short lately for me to actually follow all the way through. So here are a few of the loose ends I've left dangling. I'll catch you up in one fell swoop!

 After a number of years of hiatus, we are pig farmers once again. Samuel was determined to raise a 4-H pig for fair this year. We decided that if we were to raise pigs again (we always grow one for our own freezer too) we would do it a bit differently, giving the pigs more area to roam and root in the pasture, including the acorn abundant section under the oak tree, and feed them strictly organic hog feed. No more GMO corn and questionable feed additions. We got a great deal from a local mill and got some organic chicken feed while we were at it. Now we're trying to find one more piggy to add to the pen. That one would be raised to sell to earn back some of the money spent on the project. It turns out that buying little pigs is a bit different than it used to be. Farmers now sell them smaller and for a MUCH higher price. We're still looking.

The boys were very busy this spring building a dog pen for their best friend. The accommodations under the big fir trees in the back yard are much more comfortable than last year's pen and so much cuter too!

With their dad's help they built a comfortable house, painted it to look like ours, and since our house has a block patio, they felt Danner needed one too. The house has plenty of room for his dog bed and a window so that he can keep watch on things.

The cats love it too.

The main focus of my agenda this last week or two has been to prepare for our trip to Missouri. I am taking two coolers of frozen food to serve our guests at the rehearsal dinner. (Well, I'll thaw it before I serve it.) Last week I prepared the entree for the dinner.
It required fifteen pounds of elk.

 Several pounds of fresh crimini mushrooms...

 Onions and lots and lots (and lots) of garlic.

One and a half bottles of red wine and some tomato paste went into the sauce for Elk Tri-Tip served in Garlic Mushroom Sauce. In Missouri before dinner I'll thicken it up and add sour cream, then serve it over rice. This is how you feed fifty people something nice without mortgaging the house and hiring a caterer. Yesterday I made a wagon load of pie dough. In Missouri I'll enlist helpers to roll it out for me and we'll make pie for dessert (but of course!)

Yesterday we squeezed in a brief field trip to a local farm where some work horse demonstrations were being held for the homeschool group. Initially the boys didn't think it was necessary for them to go since they got lots of experience with working draft horses last year on the Amish farms they visited, but they decided to go anyway and were rewarded with a chance to drive a horse pulling a little garden cultivator.

The last loose end is just a preview. I want to make a separate blog post on an exciting project that my son, Kris, is working on. A CBS news cameraman and interview are involved. Stay tuned for more information!


  1. That dog house is nice!
    Sounds like you will have an amazing dinner for everyone. Blessings to the couple.
    Your son's photography is phenomenal. I can't wait to hear about the project.


  2. I want to go to the party too! I hope you will post the exact recipe, have a wonderful time and drive safe.


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