Friday, March 15, 2013

Wedding Garments

Department store packages arrived in the mail this week that caused great excitement. No, not Christmas come early. The boys received their very first suits.

"This is awesome!!"  "I love suits!"  "I look so good!"  "I want to get a James Bond haircut!"  "I look better than you!" "No! I do!"  "Hey, look! It has an inside gun pocket!" "I love suits!"

Dress shirts, ties and dress shoes yet to come. Maybe also a pocket square and Samuel insists he needs a tie clip.

Who would have thought dressing up these two dirt monkeys would be so fun?


  1. Ooh-ooh! Get 'em skinny ties and bar clips!

    So handsome! Can't wait to see them all dressed up (all of us!).

  2. "an inside gun pocket" :) who knew?


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