Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Growth

Spring is making its arrival here in the Great Northwest, despite the snow flurries on the day of the Vernal Equinox and for days afterward. The sun is shining once again and the long list of spring chores is keeping us busy.
Spring is noted for the new growth it brings and our family will be growing in leaps this season with our son, Neal's, wedding in April and Katie's new baby arriving in May. Those two events mean travel to the Midwest and the preparations are in full force. We are two weeks away from our trek to Missouri for the happy wedding celebration. Our whole family will be reuniting with far flung friends and relatives for feasting and merry-making. I've always heard about the lovely weather there on the Great Plains in April, warm (even hot) temperatures and a season that is usually weeks ahead of ours. But the news the last few days has been about how winter won't release its hold there. At the wedding reception site there is currently a foot of snow on the ground. Prayers are ascending!

The wedding is going to be a large one, fueled by southern American traditions and expectations. Old-fashioned hospitality will be the order of the day. I will be making the wedding cake and groom's cake so immediately upon arrival (with my helpers) in Missouri I will be shopping and baking. I have pages and pages of lists to keep my mind from becoming mired in the bog of details. We will also be hosting the first celebratory meal of the weekend- the rehearsal dinner. It will be an Oregon themed event with a menu that includes mountain elk, Pacific salmon, Northwest wines and Oregon fruit pies, prepared by myself and my troop of capable helpers.

The formal dresses, suits, shoes and ties have been procurred.
The travel tickets, as well as car and lodging bookings have been finalized.
The recipes, kitchen supply lists and shopping lists have been written.

The excitement is building...


  1. Happy times. It sounds like you're going to be busy!

    1. Yes, and yes! I'm trying to get super duper organized so I will have time to enjoy and not just be busy with the To Do list.


  2. You are an amazing woman! I had 14 people for sit-down supper Sat. night and I am still tired. You are a few years younger, doubt that make much difference. Best wishes to you and your beautiful family.

    1. Well thank you, but please know that it has taken years of practice to get to this point. As my family grew, suppers for a crowd became pretty common place and now on weekends the kids often bring extras home with them. Rehearsal dinner for 50 people is going to be a challenge but I'll have lots of good helpers so hopefully all will go well! Thanks for your comment!


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