Monday, March 11, 2013

On Stage

Recently our family thespian, Peter, participated in a one week theater class that culminated with a performance of a children's version of The Secret Garden.
Peter won the role of Dickon, the country boy who communes with the animals. How fitting! No doubt he charmed the directors when he auditioned with his best rendition of a British accent.

This children's project was available through the community education program. Auditions were held on a Monday with sixty kids auditioning all at once for two directors from the Missoula Children's Theater. As soon as the auditions were over the first rehearsal took place followed by a rehearsal every day after school for one week. On Saturday morning the kids got their brightly colored costumes (which were ingeniously constructed for easy use by many children) and had one final dress rehearsal followed by two performances. It was a looooong day for those children (and no doubt the two teachers/directors) but the results of all their efforts were wonderful.

The majority of the children were youngsters under ten years old. Peter was one of just a few older kids that were given the main speaking parts of the play.

The younger kids were divided into groups that performed together, with a song, sometimes a few dance steps and at least one spoken line for each. These were the bugs of the garden, snacking on picnic food.

My favorite of the groups was the gaggle of geese, all girls, who moved in formation around the stage. Whenever any one of the geese spoke a line all the geese ended it with "honk,honk,honk,honk!" The costumes were adorable.

The kids with yellow bums are fire flies! There were also sheep (who liked to follow), a crow and a robin, as well as squirrels and foxes. The littlest actors were the Secret Garden in their capes of brown leaves that transformed to bright flowers at the happy ending of the play.

It was delightfully amazing how much these children learned in such a short time. They had their places, their movements, their lines, their songs, all memorized and performed perfectly. You would never have guessed they had rehearsed for five days and not for five weeks. Peter had a grand time.

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  1. That's so cool! I'm still amazed that they could do that in such a short time!


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