Saturday, March 30, 2013

In Celebration of the Paschal Lamb

I want to wish you- my patient and faithful blog readers (you know who you are)- a blessed Easter! I hope that you are passing on the meaningful traditions of your family to observe the Resurrection Day.

(I did not make these eggs. I bought them at a tiny gift shop in Sopron, Hungary and I've kept them hidden for safe keeping. With no tiny, curious hands in the house this year I thought it was safe to bring them out.)

Remember that it's never to late to start new traditions. This is my first attempt at Pascha bread, inspired by my daughter. My bread is not nearly as lovely as hers but it was fun to make.

Happy Easter!


  1. Pretty eggs, pretty bread! Happy Easter! We miss you!

  2. What beautiful eggs! One time I was even silly enough to think I could make them. Ha! Need way more practice. Hope you had a blessed Easter.


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