Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Celebration Cakes

I had a little summer preview of cake baking this last weekend with three sample cakes and one sample pie to bake for bridal couples planning their wedding desserts. I also made the birthday cakes for a big surprise party at the hotel. The birthday boy was someone I knew from my years playing percussion in the local community orchestra. He played the trumpet and sat right in front of me during rehearsals. I had no idea then that he was getting close to eighty years young. His wife threw him a party and asked for a cake that represented his musical side.

I was challenged to find a way to represent a trumpet in fondant on a cake. I'm waiting for someone to discover the secret code on the cake too.

What I didn't know is that the birthday boy had also been a pilot all his life, flying for the air force, commercial airlines and his own personal planes. This is how I represented that side of him:

I briefly attended the party to say hello to a few old friends. There was a band of friends playing for the guests and it looked like there would be lots more music making with this cache of percussion instruments-

I bet they made some noise to celebrate eighty years of musical life!


  1. Surely he noticed the notes... I hope...

    1. Don't you think it would jump out at any musician? They don't look random. I hope they all noticed.


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