Monday, March 4, 2013

A Wild Cake

I accepted an order a few weeks ago for a fondant birthday cake. I don't turn down such requests, though fondant is not my specialty. Fondant is a sugar dough that is rolled out like pie dough and can be sculpted like clay. Since I am pretty good at both rolling pie dough and working with clay I have translated those skills to fondant though I have never received any instructions in how to decorate cakes with it. Thank goodness for the internet and youtube instructional videos to fill the gaps of my knowledge!

Just as with anything else, every time I work with the fondant I get a little bit better at using it and I almost always learn something new about it.

With this cake I also learned a little bit about zebras- that each zebra has a unique stripe pattern, no two designs are alike. That means I almost couldn't go wrong with a wild cake like this one-

Despite my initial trepidation I ended up having some fun with this one and I'm really pleased with the result. The client (who was from Las Vegas, by the way, and found me on the internet) was also really happy with it!


  1. Great cake! Do you make your own fondant? Taste wise it is probably my least favorite frosting.


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