Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Talent on Display

After the boys and I took Katie and family to the airport to return home, we stayed in the big city for the annual art exhibit for Samuel's art school.

This is the big event of the year when the students put their best artistic efforts on display.

These acrylic paintings were done by the 9-12 year old class.

Samuel's painting of a St. Bernard that he made for Peter's Christmas gift was well represented in the crowd of paintings.

There were hundreds of art works on display in several different media including pencil, ink, colored pencil, pastel, acrylics and oils as well as cartooning, sculptures and computer designed art. Besides the fine arts of landscapes, portraits and still lifes, the school offers dance, choir, drama and film classes.

The techniques taught in this school are obviously successful methods that bring results with even the youngest and most inexperienced students.

The following drawings (all my favorites) were in the college level class of 19-21 year olds.

This stunning ink drawing was done by a thirteen year old artist and won the People's Choice Best of Show award.

I was proud of the efforts of my own children in their first term at this school. Alyssa's kitchen still life pastel (on the left) was a beautiful representation of her budding talent. The new term begins this month and I'm anxious to see what Samuel and Alyssa will produce in their new classes!


  1. Amazing. I wish I could see your children's contributions up close. What teaching technique do they use at the school?

    1. They really just use the old techniques of copy work. They have a large collection of prints and the kids choose one for their project in the class and work at copying it for several weeks. I have seen the same mountain landscape or flower scene done by several different students in their own ways. In ages past this is the way artists learned, by going to museums and copying masterworks. These days, in school art classes, I don't think students are taught technique and how to use tools before they are told to express themselves in art. That is like giving a kid a pen and telling them to write a story without first teaching them grammar and composition. Also, this school utilizes older students as the teachers and helpers, mentoring the younger ones. This benefits both. That reminds me of the old schools where several grades and classes were together. It just works.

    2. I'm late getting back to read your response. Thank you for answering my question. I wish there was someone near who taught that method. I may have to do some investigating. Do you use an art program at home?

    3. The women who started this school, a mother and daughter, did so because they couldn't find a good art program for the next generation in their family. So the school is very much a personal project by them that took wings and is now incredibly popular.

      We occasionally do an art project but I have never used any kind of program. Sending Sam to the school is a way to consistently give him more of what I can't find time to do.

  2. So awesome! Wish I could have gone!

    1. It would have been great but we would have had to leave the little guys home. The place was completely packed with people and it was hard to get around or see things for long.

  3. I read a blog post about your pies and your trick rolling out the crust, but can you share a good sturdy pie crust recipe too? I really need one!


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