Saturday, January 5, 2013


What a great Saturday!

I have spent so many Saturdays this year icing cake and meeting deadlines, with days of work preparing for Saturday, that to have a leasurely Saturday spent doing nothing more important than laundry and housecleaning is surprisingly enjoyable. Many similar Saturdays in by-gone years would have been considering dull and mundane so it shows that the enjoyment of life is in the perspective.

Today my boys were off with their father, working on projects and an outdoor To Do list. That left me alone in the house while the snow fell softly outside.  While I did many loads of laundry (you know, that kind of dirty stuff that waits and waits to be done while other more important things get washed) and lots of housecleaning to prepare for the arrival of my grandsons (in less than two weeks!), I was also entertained by (count 'em) two movies- Eat, Pray, Love (that was surely the last time I'll spend effort on that movie) and Sleepless in Seattle (which I'm sure I'll watch again someday. I never get tired of hearing great dialogue- "He's eight..." "He's good at it." RIP Norah Ephron)

After a supper of soup (for which I used leftover smoked turkey) the boys decided they wanted to go roller skating at the elementary school (doncha love small towns?) so I'm alone again for the evening.

Time to catch up on some Downton Abbey!

I love winter so much more than I ever did before!

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Haven't you SEEN Eat, Pray, Love? Pretty sure i watched it with you. What on earth possessed you to watch that again?

    And the "He's good at it." line goes through my head almost daily.

    Just watched the first half of the first episode of Downton Abbey last night (and then I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore).

    Glad you get relaxing Saturdays now to recharge a little.

  2. What possessed me is that it was on. :-P Remind me that I never want to waste time on it again.

    I wasn't going to watch SIS either because I've seen it but I wanted to watch the beginning because somehow I never see the beginning. It may have been the only the second time I've seen the beginning because I didn't remember any of it (like that fact that it starts out in Chicago!) and then the beginning led to the middle and the end....

    You will be hooked on Downton!! Season 3 starts tonight and Alyssa has somehow already seen it!

    Right after you get here we are going to Les Mis!!!

    1. Alysaa is a pirate.

      I'm DYING to see Les Mis. Nathan had planned to take me, but with sick kids, it hasn't worked out.

      And we've rarely seen the beginning of SIS because the pirated tape we had cut off the beginning.

      And why on earth would you need to watch "what's on" when you have the intertubes at your fingertips?

    2. Alyssa IS a pirate, in more ways than one! We'll all go to Les Mis together!
      I forgot about that thing with the VHS tape.
      I watched movies while I did laundry and house work. I watched SIS while I cleaned the refrigerator. Can't do that with my little laptop!

  3. How am I a pirate in more ways than one?!?!

    Katie, I'm insulted you messed up my name so horribly. three A's and one s?! Gah!

    1. Well, I could post several different photos of you as a pirate including the mustache! :-D


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