Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On Stage

So while Sam has been going off to art school and painting pictures, Peter has been attending rehearsals with the local community theater.

When the theater company had auditions for Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, we knew it was a good opportunity for Peter to use his talents for imitation and mimicry. He loves to ham it up and to put on accents but he had never had the chance to do it on a stage with others.

His big sister has performed in a number of high school productions. She volunteered to participate with the community theater so that Peter could do it with her.

They both played members of the Crachit family and did a wonderful job. I was especially impressed when Peter played in the scene after Tiny Tim had tragically died. He was very serious and emoted grief with his stage family very well.

Maybe I've seen too many high school plays in recent years because I was surprised  by how much I enjoyed this more professional production. It was so well staged and acted. I've never cared much for Dicken's story or really paid much attention to it at all. Maybe it has become too much of a Christmas cliche after being produced and parodied in so many different ways, but I paid much more attention to the dialogue and message of this production. It's statement about greed and materialism still certainly has importance today.

I also enjoyed the carolers and their renditions of old time Christmas hymns.

I'm really glad my kids got to participate in this. And it looks like Peter has now been bitten by the acting bug.

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