Friday, November 2, 2012

Enough is Enough

I am right now baking the last of the apple hand pies for the season.

Over the last ten weeks, Alyssa and I have made seventy dozen of these babies for my client, an orchardist with a popular farm stand. With the extras that we made for us and others, that is close to 900 apple turnovers!! Samuel and Peter peeled 100 pounds of apples (probably more) and Alyssa rolled a trailer load of pie dough. Oh- what did I do, you ask? I made the dough, the filling, shaped the hand pies, baked, packaged and delivered them.

We are sooooo done with it.

Last night, as Alyssa and I formed the last two dozen, we noticed we no longer have our hearts fully in the project and are just so glad to be finished.

We are sick of apple hand pies.


  1. Holy Cow woman! That is just crazy. They sure do sound good though and I wish I had some as well.


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