Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Art School

We've added something different this year for school. Samuel has been enrolled in an art school in the big city. He goes one day a week to learn to draw, paint and make lego animation movies.

I took this photo on his first day of school, suited up with his satchel of art supplies and his sack lunch. It was the first time he ever went off to the city for school and he had a bit of trepidation. I hadn't sent a child off for school at dawn in many years so it felt strange for both of us.

The art school is a Christian school that teaches art in a classical way, by teaching the students technique before they ask the kids to express themselves with their paints. This makes complete sense to me since when I teach my children to write, I first instruct them in printing, cursive, English grammar and sentence structure before I expect them to express themselves in story or verse. I have always thought that art instruction in public schools was severely lacking in teaching good technique starting with basic drawing. The founders of this art school thought so too because when they couldn't find good instruction for their own family, they were moved to start this school. Due to its successful results the school has surged in enrollment the last few years.

The school offers many different types of art instruction but the drawing and painting classes are by far the most popular and fill up immediately. The school is currently adding more music and drama to their offerings.

The success of the art classes is due to the fact that the students are taught how to use their brushes and tools by copying masterworks.

Alyssa is also enrolled in this school, attending a day of classes for college age students. This is a pastel work she is finishing for the school exhibit that is coming up.

I have seen a number of the paintings done by students, young students and I am stunned by their proficiency. If you take time to look at the online gallery you will see what I mean. Look at this page of work done by the 9-12 year olds!

This is the very first practice painting that Samuel brought home.

I am really excited to see what else he is doing but we parents aren't allowed to see the finished works until the school exhibit coming up next month. I think I may have to enroll myself.


  1. Exquisite! I'd love to take a class from them, too.

  2. What a great opportunity for Samuel! His first practice painting is good and he will only get better. The website with the young artists' paintings is so inspiring. Thank you for posting it.


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