Friday, October 26, 2012

Coast Adventure

Our short time at the coast was dominated by abysmally cold and wet weather.

But this coastline is spectacular in all kinds of weather.


And as true Oregonians, the weather didn't interfere with the boys' enjoyment of the beach.

Kites, sandcastles, playing in the waves, bike rides...they fit all of it in to their day.

We took one hike during low tide in an attempt to find some sea creatures to show our visitor.

First stop was a look out point on a cliff where the wind made umbrellas impossible.

After which we found a sketchy trail that led down to a rocky beach protected from the wind. During high tide this area would be mostly underwater.

We were slightly disappointed that we couldn't find any tide pools.

This was the hill we came down to reach the beach. Going back  up was another matter.

Samuel scrambled up like the monkey he is. The other two boys also managed to make it.

This old lady had a bit more trouble.

And I had the evidence to prove it.

When we reached the top, the boys declared that it was the best adventure ever!

Immediately, when we reached the car, the sun broke out in blue sky. But of course.

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