Monday, September 3, 2012

The Last of the Summer Days

With only one wedding to prepare for last week and with my boys and then my husband off in Michigan, my days were very much like a mini vacation. Except that I used it to catch up on all the spring cleaning I didn't get done last spring and all the gardening I've been missing all summer. But since I was home alone most of the time, with Alyssa here part time, and I was still eating a cleansing diet, I didn't have to cook or clean up for a crowd and that was nice. I cleaned and organized and read books and got plenty of sleep. By Sunday I was so tired of being alone that I was ready for those boys to come back home. Monday, when the house was trashed a mere twelve hours after their arrival, I was rethinking that.

But back to the quiet time- driving back home after delivering this wedding cake, and facing a Saturday evening on our own, Alyssa and I made the spontaneous decision to run out to the lake for a picnic supper and a hike. Only thirty minutes later I had grilled some chicken and packed our meal and we were in the car headed out to the forest.

It was already so late in the day that all the boaters had gone back to their camping spots. The lake was quiet and peaceful with the scent of campfire smoke hanging in the air.

We knew daylight was wasting so if we were going to make the 3.2 miles around the lake we couldn't linger over our food.

Half way around the lake we were losing our light. Three quarters of the way around we had lost it entirely. It was seriously dark. Have you ever walked in a forest of towering firs at night? It's kinda creepy. It was completely quiet, no animals or bird sounds could be heard. If we had been in Minnesota (the land of my birth) we would have heard loons (I miss hearing loons). If we had been in Alaska, maybe we would have heard wolves. (I'm so glad we weren't in Alaska.) I was concerned about stumbling on a root or rock and twisting a joint and regretting that we had left without flashlight or water bottles. Alyssa pressed on, leading in the dark with her night vision and we made it back around without serious incident.

Thankfully, we didn't see Big Foot until we passed by the lodge.


  1. That sounds so fun! But without flashlights? Seriously? Aieee...

  2. Thank God for kids and their young eyes! Especially appreciated when there is no moon early in the evening. Glad you made the hike okay and that Big Foot stayed where he was supposed to be.


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