Thursday, September 27, 2012

In No Particular Order-

Random items from September's calender of chores and events-

*A couple weeks ago, my husband accompanied me on a particularly far away wedding cake delivery, after which we headed out for a dinner date. I had been hearing a lot of buzz about a new Thai restaurant so we checked it out.

This is an authentic Thai place, not an Americanized version, first confirmed by the Asian owners and carved watermelons at the door and then by the food...
...which was so fresh, with sharp flavors. Lots of mint and cilantro. This was the presentation of my trout dish. What is really great about Thai food is that it is healthy and costs about half what a good meal in any other restaurant costs. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner.

*Before the rainy season starts, there is a mad dash to finish projects that need to be done. Child labor is utilized at every opportunity. Those are roofing shingles on Sam's back. Shingles are h e a v y.

The final stage of the extreme home addition is on that To Do list- building a covered porch at the entrance door. Work on that commenced this last weekend with roof supporting posts erected. This is why I birthed boys. Five times. Boys like to do this stuff.

But some of those boys were missing tonight so I was employed to help with the roof beam raising.

Hey, dear? How do you know that I am a heavy enough counter weight on this thing and won't be catapulted into the back yard? Wait. Don't answer that...

*I finally chose a color for the new mudroom doors. It's called Gray Horse and I like it.

*It's a blessing to have friends who work private events at high end, big city restaurants. This beautiful and expensive floral arrangement would have ended up in a dumpster (what rich people do with their money) except that Sarah brought it to me! It makes me smile ( and my photo doesn't do its beauty justice.)

*We have a lot of forest fires in the area- not too close but there is still a constant, heavy smoke haze in the air. It obscures our mountain view, makes us asthmatics cough and sniffle and gives us some stunning red sunsets.

 I'm not good at low light photos but I couldn't resist this moon over the smoky mountain one evening while driving home.

How was your September?


  1. Are you going to extend your dining room too before November? ;D

  2. I love that carved watermelon and the flower arrangement is beautiful! Are you offically done with the wedding season? Happy Fall!!!


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