Friday, August 17, 2012


I get to visit so many beautiful wedding venues when I deliver my wedding cakes. Here in the Great Northwest have one spectacular location after another. Many of them are just a few miles from my house. Like this one...

On an old farm with the mountain as the photogenic backdrop for the ceremony, but also flower beds, a pond with a bridge (more photo-ops) and an historic log cabin where the bride can dress.

A working farm of orchards with the former apple packing house converted and all dressed up for company. This one also has expansive views, charming garden paths and quaint cottages.

This family owned property just two miles from here, is also a former farm, with multiple houses to offer for family to stay in comfort on site, on the edge of working orchards, canopied with tall fir trees and again, with Mt. Hood as the backdrop for a memorable day.

It even has a tree house...

...where you can lie in bed and stare at the majestic, snow-covered mountain.

For more expansive views, this is on the edge of a vineyard, high on a ridge overlooking the Columbia River Gorge. This one also has a spectacular view of Mt. Hood (obscured here by a hazy sky but see professional shots here.)

Last weekend I visited another unique spot. This location was on a piece of private property, high up on a mountain ridge at the end of a long dirt road. The bride and groom and their family and friends constructed this lodge pole framework as the setting for their reception.

There was a stage for the band...

...a well stocked bar...

 ....hand constructed buffet tables... well as tables for the guests.

I never ceased to be amazed at the creativity and attention to detail that goes into making the perfect setting for the singular day of celebration when two people join together to create a new family. I love making my contribution to these special events.


  1. Beautiful, thanks. Just wondering if you have many weddings in church anymore? It has been a long time since we have been to a reception held in the church hall but wondering about the ceremoies. Donna

  2. I would say that the majority of weddings held here in the summertime have the ceremonies outside in the beauty of nature. I do occasionally have a couple that has a ceremony in a church first, usually Catholic, but only one or two a year. Sad, but true, fewer ceremonies are in a church. I think there are probably several reasons for that. One is that we have so many beautiful outdoor settings here and guaranteed perfect weather in July and August, and it is more convenient to have the whole event in one place. Another reason would be cost since there would be additional cost attached to renting the use of a church and a separate reception site. Finally, it's probably a sign of the turning away from the spiritual importance of marriage and the symbolism of a church setting.


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