Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Midsummer Interlude in the Country

The boys and I are back in the Fatherland this week. Sam and Peter are going to stay here with their sister for the month and I get to visit with my grandsons during a short break from wedding business.
We're glad that the boys get to spend some time really experiencing the American countryside- maple trees, summer humidity, song birds, fireflies, poison ivy, horse flies, and long straight dirt roads. This morning they walked down to the Amish farm to buy some eggs.

And I'm especially glad that I can have a little time off from the Fleur Cakes kitchen and spend some moments with these growing boys.

Sam and Peter are going to do what they are good at like pass on all the big boy wisdom to their nephews... well as mow some lawns, do some chores and help out with the little guys. Plus there will be swimming, fishing and good old-fashioned country summertime fun.

I've never been here at a time when we all weren't waiting for a baby. Last night Katie was making mozzarella and doing a million other things and she didn't need my help, which was a good thing since I was a useless wad of exhaustion anyway.      

After the best night's sleep I've had in a long time and with the absence of a To Do list or a baking schedule, I'm going to relish my time with these little guys that need to be squeezed a lot more so they don't grow so fast.


  1. I very much enjoy peeking into your world, so different from mine. I relate just enough. Got my own baby growing up too fast (though the nights are still hard), and I'm good and nostalgic for maple trees and summertime heat and humidity!

    I'm impressed with Evan keeping up so nicely going down the road. It can be hard to get through to little ones with the idea that if we want to arrive, we have to keep walking, and mostly in the same direction!

    1. If it's any consolation, nights around here are a challenge too but last night everyone cooperated for an amazing good sleep!
      I enjoy hearing from you across the pond!

    2. I think the secret to teaching a little guy to keep walking is to have bigger kids who are walking happily too. Then it's just "what we do" and they want to keep up. If the bigger kids are running and jumping and making it a competition, it works even better. :-) I had a lot of trouble getting Jonah to walk along, but now Evan is getting into it quite well.

    3. Thanks for the inspiring replies! Not that I don't wish you all a good sleep, but it's a comfort to be reminded that raising little ones makes other people tired too. ;)

      That's a good point, Katie, which I hadn't really appreciated while appreciating the photo. I was thinking solely of my elder daughter. We have a younger one too, who's an earlier walker, probably because she's so desperate to keep up with her sister.

  2. Oh, you're having the perfect break from work. I know you're enjoying those grandsons. If you figure out how to squeeze them just right to keep them from growing so fast, please share it with me.

    1. It doesn't always work nearly as well as I'd like it to but it's fun in the process.


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