Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Five Weddings

...in one weekend is enough. I pulled it off and didn't collapse when it was over. I did get a little help from my friends.
This was for a small, home wedding for a chocolate loving couple. They ordered chocolate fudge cake with mocha cream filling and dark chocolate cream icing.

The bride wanted a "cascade of flowers" and the strawberry loving groom wanted a strawberry cake with strawberry filling (the small tier for him) with the rest chocolate cake for the guests. I will post my strawberry cake recipe here soon. My dear husband delivered this cake so I could stay in the kitchen working on two more. He's getting good at handling that responsibility.

If you notice, a lot of my cakes have been presented on wood cuts for that extra rustic look. Two of them this weekend in fact. Chocolate cake with hazelnut cream filling and coconut cake with lemon cream filling was accompanied by a blackberry pie and two cheesecakes, one plain and one chocolate chip.

Sometime I think I'll do a post on inspiration, the photos that brides give me- I want a cake like this. This cake was inspired by a Martha Stewart wedding cake photo. I actually like mine better. I had a lot of fun decorating it because it was something different, and despite the fact that I had to do it in the middle of the party with people watching me (I hate that!) because I couldn't carry this cake with the heavy fruit on it without it all falling off. The dessert choices also included peach pie and marionberry pie. I've heard some wonderful feedback from the guests at this wedding. They seemed to enjoy my offerings and that pleases me after I worked so hard on them.

On Sunday another wedding required one hundred bite sized  tartlettes.
With all the baking I've done during my 21-day cleansing diet, nothing has particularly tempted me until these little devils. Chocolate truffle tarts made with Belgian Callebaut chocolate were the siren call. I had to box them up and get them out of the house, tout de suite!

And the lemon mascarpone cream tartlettes too! Raus mit du!

The tartlettes accompanied this rustic (again) wedding cake, decorated with herbs from the garden (again) and something fun and imaginative to remember the carving that the groom did when his proposal was accepted by his sweetheart. I have to thank my son's girlfriend, Sarah, for helping me get this wedding delivered on time. AND she cleaned up the kitchen for me after I left.

So next weekend I have only one wedding cake and it makes me feel almost like I'm on vacation!

Apple turnover season starts too. I know this because there is a big box of apples sitting in my kitchen.

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  1. Amazing! and oh, so beautiful! Yes, I like yours better than Martha's too (-: Oh, and the chocolate one---I just want to bite into it! And yes, it's a beautiful cascade of flowers--just perfect! You do wonderful work--thanks again for sharing the pics


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