Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Daze

We're home from Missouri where it was 99 degrees plus a bit of humidity.
Home- where there is clean, piney, mountain air... fresh, delicious mountain water and the temperature didn't even break 80 degrees today.

There's always lots of catch-up to do after a trip so tonight I worked in the garden and finally got the garlic harvested. This crop will get me through the year with some to plant next October. That's the corn in the background of the photo- about three feet high. In Missouri the corn was tasseled and drying up to a crisp in the drought conditions.

The cherries are getting ripe and amazingly the birds aren't bothering them (yet!). With cherries from last year still in the freezer and pantry, I'll be making juice with these.

Danner had a luxury vacation with our friend and neighbor while we were gone but he was still happy to see his family when we came home.

And we're happy to be home where summer gives us the best it has.

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