Monday, July 23, 2012

Wedding Report

Last wedding season I had several Saturdays with two wedding cakes. The production and deliveries went off without a hitch, so I thought...piece of cake...I could do three weddings in a this season I went ahead and said yes, that one extra time and... voila!...I'm booked up to my eyeballs all summer.

This last Saturday was the first challenge to my Can Do Attitude. Three weddings. Three deliveries. 410 wedding guests who expected to eat dessert. That came out to three wedding cakes, four slab pies, three regular pies and 150 cupcakes including these...
....hazelnut cupcakes with chocolate cream icing and toasted hazelnut sprinkles. Hazelnuts (also known as filberts) are an important crop in Oregon and a favorite among my clients that want to showcase Oregon products on their wedding day menus.

With three full sheets of lists to keep me on task and on time I pulled it off- baking, filling, icing, decorating and delivering. Then I collapsed in a heap for about twelve hours.

This little cake was part of a dessert buffet for a large wedding with a vintage theme. I loved the dusty pink roses.

This cake, delivered to a local winery, had mocha filling and icing for the chocolate and vanilla tiers.

This was for another intimate wedding that required simple elegance. Today the groom sent me a lovely email with the compliments of the guests who enjoyed the pies and chocolate cake. It warmed my heart.

This week- five events- including a 70th wedding anniversary party for a couple married here in the early days of our town. I feel privileged to be a part of these special celebrations in people's lives.


  1. I think the mocha cake is GORGEOUS, and I drool over the hazelnut cupcakes (want!), and 70 YEARS? Holy cats!

  2. I do believe you should be having a new show on Food Network! Your show would be a winner. Donna


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