Wednesday, June 6, 2012


So we have a new daughter coming into the family but there are a couple other girls that are also winning hearts around here.

We don't live in a culture where we parents get to pick girlfriends for our sons and examine their dowries, but it doesn't look like we need too.

The girls our sons have brought home are the sweetest, loveliest, and most fun girls ever.

They cook with me in the kitchen, lavish attention on the little brothers and have bonded with the sisters too.

Our boys have good heads on their shoulders after all.

It does this mama's heart good.


  1. And you used the choke hold photo

  2. I know what you mean. Our #3 son is getting married in a month and his fiancee is a treasure. She gets along with her new brothers and her new sisters very well. She fits...and I thank the good Lord He brought her to our son.


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