Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cake Collection

This weekend's weddings and cake orders required me to spend two whole days in the kitchen baking over twenty cakes (I lost count) of various flavors and sizes.

Cake Baking Tip:  Wrapping the cake pans with damp strips of cloth like terry cloth, slows down the baking of the edges so that the cakes rise evenly. This makes the cakes flatter on top without the usual center dome.

The reason there were so many cakes was because one bride wanted a collection of mini wedding cakes at her celebration. It took me all day to ice them and the other cake orders I had, much longer than one average size wedding cake.
The largest tier here is eight inches. Most of these cakes are six inches, the top tiers are four inches. She wanted them to each have different decorations and to be all white.

This little one was my favorite. My friend generously let me prowl her garden for white flowers. These lovely double clematis blooms were the perfect size and style for the cake. Thank you, Karen!

Though it was complicated to execute, the idea resulted in a display of simple elegance. I was pleased and I hope the bride was too.


  1. Wow, I love that idea! The cakes are beautiful all together. But I sure hope you charged for all the extra time...

  2. That's a gorgeous display of beautiful cakes.

  3. Wow--what a lot of work! They are beautiful. My daughter is a wedding planner--I'm going to show her this idea.

  4. Simply lovely and elegant! Great tip, also!


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