Monday, May 28, 2012

Teaching Kids to Enjoy Work

Our usual Memorial weekend project of planting the big garden, once again turned into an adventure for the future farmer's of America.

The biggest jobs can feel like play for the littlest kids when they are included in any kind of work.

There was not one complaint or negative attitude all day as boys and girls of all ages worked together on a task that took cooperation and responsibility. The future harvest for the family depended on their job quality.

We've used this method of child labor for many years and it has resulted in adults with a work ethic that gets them hired at any job for which they apply and glowing references from their employers.

"Work" may be a four letter word but it is not a bad thing. Children love to work and to feel a part of the team. They enjoy a sense of accomplishment in a job well done as well as adults do.

And having kids do the work just makes planting the garden for the twenty-seventh time a lot more fun.

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