Thursday, May 17, 2012

Remodel Update

We've been working steadily along on the addition to our house (aka The Money Pit). If you remember, last summer we tore a section off our old structure and added some new square footage to our home.

The addition was closed up and weather tight five minutes before the rainy season began. We have spent the winter plugging along on the interior details as we've had time, energy and money.

I spent an entire weekend recently laying a tile floor in the new pantry/storage room. Samuel helped his dad install the underlayment of hardiboard.

Since I'm the ceramic artist in the family, tiling has always been my job. I like it that way. After a handful of big projects over the years I'm gradually getting better at it.

After painting, trim work and installing a door, we are getting closer to the finish line in this room. To fit with our cottage home I chose to do the walls in a board and batten style with bead board on the walls. The wall color is a pale, pale grey with the trim boards painted in a complimentary white to have just the slightest of contrast. The tones go well with the tile floor. I haven't decided what color to paint the door yet. Currently a wrap around shelf is in progress that will circle the room on three walls above the level of the refrigerators that will reside in this room. Yes, I said, refrigeratorS, since I will be using two extra this summer for my wedding cake production. I am more excited about this room than anything else, I think. To have this amount of storage, shelving and places for extra appliances in my little farm house is a dream come true. I can't wait to start organizing it!

The bedroom is officially finished!
We technically cannot use it until the county building inspector gives us the okay.
So let's just not notice the made up bed, mmkay?

The closets are by far the nicest ones in the house. I had fun designing them.

With sturdy, nicely finished shelving on the interiors, again, they are my favorite part of the bedroom. I can't wait to start using them!
It says a lot about my house and life when closets and shelves and storage are my favorite things.


  1. It looks finTAStic.:-P

    And I covet your closets.

  2. I really like that closet and the doors. Closets, shelves and storage are my favorite things, too.


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