Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In the Kitchen

The Fleur Cakes kitchen is going to be extra busy this week.This cake is the first of the batch of orders I have.
 As usual, as soon as I was finished with this cake I started biting my nails and thinking of problems with it. I worried maybe it was too juvenile for a ten year old. Maybe I should have put Wolverine on it or something. My ten year old and eleven year old boys liked it but that didn't keep me from the usual self-flagellation. Too late! Delivered it anyway. Moving on.

Next up- a vegan vanilla cake with vegan fudge icing. No animals will be harmed or even annoyed by the making of this cake.

Followed by- a session of making dozens of fruit filled turnovers with my trusty assistant, Alyssa- one last job before she runs off around the world and leaves all the dough rolling to me. These pastries will be donated to a library fundraiser and a 4-H bake sale as well as the Little League concession stand.

Then there are brides to meet and grooms to feed cake. And blueberry pie. And banana cream pie.

And for the 4-H bake sale- where the new dictate has been handed down by the state of Oregon, that there shall be no baked goods containing moisture on the bake sale tables, only "dry" things like cookies- stale ones apparently- too dangerous, donchaknow, for us folks to eat- wouldn't want to make the mistake of eating some week old cupcakes that have been left in a warm dark place growing harmful bacteria- I'll be making the moistest, gooiest, most delicious chocolatey brownies ever, just because I'm ornery like that.

Finishing off the week I'll be making another cake for the first client who wants something for Mother's Day too.

Any volunteers to do the dishes?


  1. Yum. Sounds like you're going to be one busy baker.

  2. My first impression is that it's disappointing that the effort has been made to outlaw cakes at a bake sale. I wonder if anybody in Oregon's ever been made ill by germs(/mould?) in a cake.

    I ate cupcakes from a bake sale just the other week. They were great!

    1. Unfortunately the liberal state of Oregon has an over abundance of bureaucrats with nothing better to do than think up more laws to protect us from our incompetent selves. I predict that eventually bake sales will be outlawed altogether. Then, for heaven's sake, they will need to start coming in to our kitchens to make sure we aren't poisoning ourselves. I haven't seen the actual language of the law but our 4-H leader says there are exemptions that the club would fall under. Since my kitchen is licensed by the state I can bake what I want and they won't be removing it. Even so, the ridiculousness of Big Mother and her minions running the tiniest details of our lives really grinds my oats!!

  3. I would be more than happy to come and do dishes if you will promise to tell me all your secrets as you are baking! Just call!!!!!!

    1. I am very willing to have an apprentice. Especially with what I have lined up this summer.


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