Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pioneer Woman Cooks For Me!

A few weeks ago I received this special surprise in the mail-

Ree Drummond's newest cookbook! It is scheduled to appear in bookstores next week and Ree is about to embark on her book tour around the country to meet her fans and sign their books.

Mine arrived already signed!

I have to say that I like this book even more than the first one. The first cook book really introduced the Drummond family and highlighted Ree's signature dishes that were often found on her blog. This book ventures out a bit farther with the recipes while still including lots of great photos of her brood and scenes from Oklahoma. I love the colors and graphics in both books and think they are beautifully presented.

This book will be special to me for several reasons. When my daughters and I had the privilege of staying at the Drummond's lodge in Oklahoma last August, Ree was working on this cookbook. On the evening we arrived she greeted us with a delicious pork dinner. When we stepped into the kitchen, she had pots bubbling on the stove, ready to feed us weary travelers. The meal she served us is in this cookbook!-

I'm quite sure she photographed this food the same day we arrived and we got to eat the "leftovers" after the shoot!
I'm a Yankee, born and bred, so haven't eaten many grits in my lifetime. These cheesy bacon grits were so, so delicious. We ate them again for breakfast the next day and my grandson, Evan, who was a baby at the time, loved them at every meal.

The new cookbook also includes a recipe for the spinach salad that Ree served with the pork chops and grits.

The next night for our supper at the ranch we ate this delicious dish, also included in the new cookbook-

I remember Ree cooking up the egg noodles while my girls and I prepped pie dough and pastry cream for the next day's pie workshop. You can see this delicious dish on the table in this photo. April and Evan are ready to dig in!

The most special thing of all about this book is that Ree used my own pie crust recipe and parchment paper method that I shared at the ranch workshop.
Even the photos were the ones taken during the workshop demonstration. 

This book will always be a remembrance and keepsake of the fun times my girls and I had there that weekend with all our new friends.


  1. Your pie crust is officially famous.

  2. I have to say one thing....the recipe she used has some sugar in it and was the one I use for a fruit pie. In the cookbook she used it for a quiche. I would have eliminated the sugar for anything savory. She was busy when I explained that at the workshop I guess. :-)


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