Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Weekend

Saturday was an interesting day for me. It started very early with a visit from our local fire department.

I locked myself in my bedroom and pulled the covers over my head while a group of firemen in full gear and boots stomped around in my house and tried to climb through a hole in the ceiling of my linen closet, right outside my bedroom door. My husband had been making a fire in the woodstove when suddenly the winter's build-up of chimney creosote caught fire. After having a mild heart attack and doing everything he could to stop the fire, Mr. D. called 911 just to be sure the fire was not going to start again and shorten his life span even more.

The nice firemen were happy to come out and not have to rescue me from anything serious.

After they left, my husband worked at restoring a normal heart rhythm while I loaded up my car with apples and butter and flour so that I could teach a couple of eager bakers how to give the world more good pie.

They were very good students. Over the afternoon they created some beautiful, tender, tasty pastries.

And...the plague is back. Or...the plague is still here. The constant coughing chorus, feverish deliriums and snot rags littering my home are getting really, really old. Ready to move on! Bring on some healing sunshine or something! Let's declare flu season officially over!


  1. I really hope you all get well soon. We'll pray for lovely window opening weather for you all soon.

    We had a chimney fire in our first home. It was blazing, shooting fire out the chimney with pine trees all around and sounded like a train was coming through our little 1000 square foot house. While my husband, who was 20 at the time, ran for the hose and I called the fire department, our lovely concerned neighbor (whose first words to us were "How old are you?") yelled from across the street, "Your chimney's on fire!" Yeah. I think we knew that. Scary stuff.

  2. Chimney fires! Ack! Glad it didn't get out of control. A family friend had the same thing happen a couple of years ago. She said the chimney was glowing red. Didn't lose the house though. Phew.

    Wishing you some nice weather. We had some yesterday and took advantage for a family walk. Good to generate some vitamin D once in a while.


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