Monday, March 19, 2012

I see the future. There will be cake.

After a busy week preparing for a weekend scheduled from end to end with deadlines and then meeting all those deadlines I collapsed Sunday night in a stupor. Not ready for Monday, it came anyway.

I started Saturday morning by making and delivering a St. Patrick's Day wedding cake.

There was not a shade of green to be seen anywhere in the elegant decor.

The wedding delivery was followed by two consultations with bridal couples. I had to turn down three, count 'em!- three other couples who wanted to meet the same day. Sheesh! What a year it's going to be!

I didn't have time to meet more brides because I had to get home and finish preparing for the bridal show on Sunday.

I made a fudge cake as my contribution to the door prizes.

And I made this fondant covered styrofoam display cake for my table decoration. Fondant is not my usual style but I had fun with the challenge of this.

I also had to make an apple slab pie and ice the sheet cakes that I was serving as samples of my baking at the show.

The bridal show was small but very elegant, held at the Columbia Gorge Hotel, an historic landmark sitting high on a cliff over the Columbia River Gorge.

The hotel served a buffet of samples of their wedding menus to the brides and their entourages.

The florists that provide flowers for my cakes all summer long were also in attendance. One made this spectacular rose arrangement that was so fitting in style for the hotel that has seen many dignitaries, presidents and old Hollywood celebrities, like Valentino, for whom they named their fireplace lounge.

The bonus of knowing the florist is that she gave me some of these roses after the show. I couldn't say no.

The main attraction of the hotel as a wedding venue is the phenomenal views. On this day the view was adorned with a rainbow and for once I had my camera.

This weekend was a foreshadowing of my summer to come. Until the wedding season arrives I am content to enjoy the last weekends of winter when I can stay indoors and not think about the mountain of cakes I will be baking and icing while other people are on vacation or enjoying the beach. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying that I am finding I don't long for spring like I used to. I'll enjoy my break while I still have it.

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  1. I love the pictures of your cakes! I would never attempt one of those but I do like looking at what you have come up with next. You are very talented and have a unique ability to know when enough is enough.


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