Monday, February 6, 2012

Ready to Occupy

Remember our little construction project? We tore down an old decrepit section of the house and rebuilt it just a hair larger and certainly much straighter and tighter. Part of that addition is a bedroom.

Our kids have been helping us since the beginning with the demolition. Now they are helping to get it finished on the inside. In November we used this space to seat twenty four people at our Thanksgiving feast. Now, with the help of our kids, it has finished, painted walls....

...a nice floor....

.... and electrical power and lighting!
There is still more to be done but it is fit to be occupied.

Just in time for the arrival of Katie and our three grandsons! They arrive today. It is completely appropriate that Katie is the first guest to occupy this space. When we first came to this shack of a house (built for people of diminutive stature) in 1993, this part of the house had a teeny tiny bedroom that belonged to our oldest daughter. Now it is about three times the size and much more comfy and will be a unique homecoming for her and her own offspring.


  1. It looks lovely. Hope Katie gets to catch some ZZZZs in that pretty bed.

  2. Congratulations on the extension. I must say that bedroom looks comfy, warm and really spacious. I hope your daughter grandkids enjoy their visit.


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