Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Unidentified Flying Objects

My dad always said that the best gifts are homemade.

This year's best Christmas gift was homemade by an uncle who has retired to his wood shop and enjoys applying his skills to the unique and unusual. After teaching school for thirty years he also knows just what will engage kids in a thoughtful and fun way.

In this case, that is with a trebuchet. What is more fun and engaging to boys of all ages than weaponry?

Thank goodness it's miniature weaponry (unlike the enormous potato gun that appeared under the tree one year a while back) and the ammunition is only big enough to put an eye out.

This trebuchet is finely constructed and the boys are learning actual scientific principles like balance, levers and counterweights.

But frankly, they couldn't care less about scientific principles. They just want to fling things.

And it's not just the little boys that are launching nuts around my house. At one of our parties chocolates were also flying through the air but the aim wasn't quite true enough for those with their mouths open in readiness.

At Christmas dinner the ammunition was roasted brussel sprouts.

Just what we need around here- a new way for boys to play with their food.


  1. Boys will be ... boys. Aren't you glad?

    - Bill said that

  2. OMG! My hubby has been eyeing the plans for that thing for years. I'm afraid to let him have the time to build it because I'm afraid he'd make a full size one and then have to throw a car with it or something. LOL

    And I KNOW his aim would be off and I'd wind up with a car on the roof.

  3. Yes, Bill! I love boys. (Good thing)

    Sue- let him go for the small one and get it out of his system. ;-) They are actually quite complicated to launch correctly with properly balanced weights and such.

  4. What a great gift! My son would love that.


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