Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day

Winter Wonderland Part 2!

We woke up to even more snow this morning. A total of about two feet has blanketed our area.

Even our backyard, under the dense canopy of several tall spreading Douglas fir trees, has a covering. The branches of the firs are weighted heavily with the snow.

My car is in there somewhere.

Have you ever heard the ---swoosh, rumble, ffwwwumpfff---- of snow sliding off a metal roof?

Unfortunately, as often happens here in the Northwest the last few years, a warm front coming off the south Pacific followed the snow storm. The snowfall changed to misty rain and the forecast is for lots more rain for the next week. Our beautiful snow blanket turned into heavy wet snow.

Anticipating the snow cement to come we worked at clearing our way out.

This is the third time in twenty four hours that the driveway was plowed out and it was tough. Two vehicles had to be towed out of their snowbanks. With the snow clinging to every tree branch and twig the rain will cause a lot of damage as the wet snow pulls down limbs. We are expecting flooding, mud slides and land slides and possible power outages (we had a short one today.) In 1995 we had a similar weather pattern here. After several landslides that affected the highways we were cut off for a while from the outside world. Our water source on the mountain was damaged by a mud slide and we were even without water for several days.

We have plenty of firewood and food so we'll hunker down and see what happens!


  1. I honestly can't imagine that much snow hanging around for so long. I like the kind that comes today and goes tomorrow. Oh, but what my kids wouldn't give for a chance to actually go sledding!

    Snow in the South = power outages

    Stay warm.

  2. A lot of times the snow does disappear by the next day because of these warm fronts that follow. It's annoying because we would like it to stay around longer. A couple winters ago it lasted for a couple months but usually not. And believe it or not, though we live in the mountains, my kids do very little sledding because we can't find a hill for them! I feel bad because sledding is the best but there really isn't anywhere unless I drive them to the public park in town that is crowded with kids or up on the mountain where we have to pay to play. And if the snow is too deep like today, the sleds just sink anyway.

    We're warm but WET. The dryer runs all day with the kids outdoor clothes.

  3. Oh man. A big snowfall is so beautiful but so much trouble, especially when it gets rained on (eugh, that's always depressing).

    I'm from southwestern Ontario, where the snow usually gets heavy before long, but I had a chance to go backcountry skiing in the mountains in BC once. We were skiing on SIX FEET of POWDER! Of course since I can't do that kind of skiing it meant that on the way down, every 30 seconds I was hanging by my skis, head-down, under SIX FEET of POWDER! :P


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