Sunday, January 8, 2012


This weekend I had a wedding cake to make. The bridal couple requested sugar frosted leaves to give their January wedding cake a wintery look.

I had never made a cake with frosted leaves though I was familiar with the easy technique. I love new ideas for decorating cakes!

I got some nice leaves in different shapes from a local florist. I asked for unsprayed, green-grown leaves.

The method of frosting leaves or flowers (or fresh fruit!) simply requires brushing the surface with an egg white wash (two egg whites and two tablespoons of water beaten together). The egg wash is sufficiently sticky for the sugar and dries hard and clear. Nature's glue.

A sprinkling of fine sugar....

After a few hours drying on a rack the sugar stayed in place perfectly.

I was pleased with the results and so was the bridal couple.

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