Thursday, December 22, 2011

Results of Persistant Maternal Persuasion and lots of practice!

After a year of piano lessons, Samuel and Peter had their very first recital last Sunday. It was held at a local retirement home (assisted living facility) which was much better than having it at a church with only family members attending. The residents of these places always enjoy having contact with children and don't mind that they were all beginning level players.

Samuel did very well despite his nerves.

And Peter surprised me by playing with so much expression!

They will get a chance to play again for an audience when they repeat these pieces at church, Christmas Eve, as part of the preludes and postludes of the service.


  1. Excellent! That's after only one year? Great job, Mom. Do they take lessons from another instructor or do you teach them?

  2. That's fantastic! They did a great job! I'm impressed!

  3. I was teaching Sam for a bit and then found them a teacher a year ago last fall. They have finally hit that place where playing is not just work but fun so they are progressing at a good rate now and practicing isn't such a battle. Sam was a natural and started earlier and Peter had to work so I am amazed at how much Peter has caught up to his brother already.

  4. thank you thank you very much


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