Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random thoughts in a rare moment of quiet three days before Christmas

Amazing fact of the day: December has been the driest month of 2011 in our part of Oregon. We haven't had rain or snow and it's setting records. December drier than July and August?? Weddings rained out in August?? Crazy man. The employees at the ski resort on the mountain are playing cards and reading books, waiting for the season to start.

So it's three days until Christmas and here's where I'm at:

Done with cookies.....finally!!!

After several late nights and some time addressing envelopes in a doctor's waiting room....the cards are in the mail.

Most, but not all of the shopping is done.

Began the marathon of wrapping. Have miles to go.

Grocery shopping without a list means I brought home more than enough.           I think.  Even if I forgot something, we will eat well and be thankful.

Church is decorated, children's program is practiced, memory work is learned, song rehearsed. All set to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning worshiping and focusing on why we do any of this.

I have absolutely no idea what I am making for Christmas dinner. Gonna wing it!

How about  you?


  1. Oh Boy, Glad I am not the only one. Gumbo Christmas Eve after church. Christmas dinner....still not sure. Have a really nice ham in the freezer, that just might be it.

    Still baking cookies....somebody please stop me!!!

  2. What is Gumbo Christmas Eve??? Oh, wait. Gumbo as in the southern dish? Mmmm...that sounds good.


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