Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Table Project

I've been keeping busy with projects while I've been here at my daughter's waiting for my time of postpartum ministering and newborn snuggling to start. Most of the projects have involved a paint brush including this last one which was also the most creative and satisfying.

Katie and Nathan acquired this table early in their courtship when it was given to them for a place to set a romantic candle-lit dinner for a date. It is a lovely table with nice lines and lovely embellishments but it was in very rough shape.

After consulting with my friend, Karen, who has turned her skill at repurposing furniture into a successful business, I painted the table a nice creamy white.

Karen felt that a white would best accentuate the incised lines and edges on this table. Katie loved that idea too since painting it white would make it a good accent piece to use anywhere in her house.

To give the table an appropriate aged appearance I sanded the edges after the paint had cured for several days. I also rubbed the table with some stain to further age the finish of the paint. A final rubbing of a paste wax completed the project.

This project was a lot of fun and Katie is pleased that the old table has been given a fresh look.

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