Friday, October 7, 2011

House Dreams

When we're out on the road here in Michigan, killing time doing some shopping or looking for a farm stand selling the fruits of harvest, I love to look at the old Victorian houses that are so ubiquitous to these old towns.

They don't build them like this anymore.

These unique houses were built in the nineteenth century and have stood up to generations of use. It's great to see them respected and cared for and kept in beautiful condition.

These are the houses of my dreams. When I dream about "my" house, it's always something with lots of rooms and passageways and staircases. I love that upper story door on this house. The arched window is gorgeous. Can I go sit in that room? The beautifully designed woodwork trim, the wrap-around porch...I want to marry this house.

The attention to detail in these structures, always with gingerbread trim and embellishments, makes an otherwise plain brick home something special.

The antique stores here carry the remains of the pretty houses that have been taken down. For a wee price I could take these home for my little Northwest cottage.

I want.

My humble abode is just not grand enough for these kind of accoutrements.

I can almost imagine the regal room that featured these doors a hundred years ago.

If I could pack one of these into my suitcase and take it home, I would do it.


  1. That top one reminds me a lot of the older houses around where I am (Cambridge, UK). Not quite the same, but around the same era, brick, and ex-pen-sive. (Everything is, here.) I think they're gorgeous. Even though I don't have the millions, I'm always checking to see if they have double-glazed windows. I'm not an "original features" aficionado when it comes to being warm enough.

    I also love the gingerbread trim, but have to imagine having plenty of cash to pay someone ELSE to paint it if I'm going to enjoy that fantasy.

  2. So true!

    The ironic (and maddening)thing is that I could sell my tiny little Oregon cottage and use the money to buy a nice Victorian in the Midwest. That is how disparate the housing prices are in this country.

  3. Oh...and I would have a housekeeper for all those rooms too.

  4. If I am dreaming I am dreaming BIG!!! I would have a upstairs housekeeper, a downstairs housekeeper and oh yeah someone to take care of all the pesky laundry. And I will take care of the kitchen duties because otherwise I will turn into a lazy slob. Oh and maybe a part time gardener for when I didn't feel like it. And that should take care of it nicely I think.

    And speaking of ironic housing prices, if my house was 20 miles west or 30 miles south I could probably sell it for at least 50K more than I could here. Weird huh???

  5. The town of Silverton (15 miles South of here) has great houses like these. I dream to live there some day, Mark says its too far. Maybe retire there?...

  6. No doubt they are reeeeeally expensive. But these Midwestern ones are way cheap in comparison. We could seriously sell our Oregon house and buy one or two of these out here. (I saw a for sale sign on a house in a town yesterday, not a Victorian, and the price was $29,900!!!)


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