Saturday, October 15, 2011

Changes. Or Not.

It's Groundhog Day here. The movie. Every day we wake up and repeat the same activities as yesterday. Even if there is a slight variation, like a yoga class or a movie in the theater, it still feels the same.

Especially in the morning when we open our eyes and realize nothing has changed. There is no new baby sleeping cozily in someone's arms. Katie still has her unwieldy belly and my departure date is still looming. We're still on edge waiting for that powerful event that is supposed to happen. Sometime.

There's a flinch every time the phone rings. No matter who is calling the question will be the same. And so will the answer.

I took these photos a week ago. These colors were as bright as it got this year. A dry summer leads to a fall of muted colors and quickly falling leaves.  Still, the landscape is starkly different than the one back home where the view is dominated by deep green fir trees. That green is dotted with the gold of aspens and occasional pops of red from small shrubs in Autumn. Here I'm enjoying the spreading maples with their red and orange and the burgundy tones of the sumac. But already these leaves have fallen in the blustery winds and the scenery is taking on the brown tones of winter.

At least these color differences are a sign that we aren't reliving the same day over and over again.

I'll let you know if anything else changes, besides the colors of the leaves.


  1. I seem to have gotten caught up in your "baby" watch. I check here several times a day to see if anything has happened. Some things never change, babies still come only when they get darned good and ready don't they? Best wishes from Kansas.....sending good thoughts.

  2. Thanks. I was scheduled to leave *tomorrow*! Changed my flight but still no sign of a baby!!


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