Friday, September 9, 2011

Random Friday Stuff

I have three weddings on the schedule this weekend which means I'm going to be a little tiny bit busy.

Did you know that tomorrow is 9-10-11? Lots of people want to get married on 9-10-11.

So today, besides contributing to the scholastic education of my two youngest offspring (aka homeschooling) I need to bake marionberry cobbler for 100 guests, 150 cupcakes in chocolate fudge and vanilla flavors and I also need to bake four dozen of those pesky apple turnovers. The kitchen is going to smell yummy. And it will be hot considering we are finally having our summer heat wave. Now. In September.

Better late than never? No going to the beach today.

This afternoon I have to do three separate flower pick ups. Orchids, roses and...something else. I don't know what the third cake will have until I see what they give me.

We got our building permit yesterday! Yay! That means work will quickly progress and it may only be one more week of walking the balance beams over the trenches in front of my door. See how positive my thought patterns are?

The mountain is still on fire. It feels like it is burning up and there will be no trees left. Over 4500 acres of forest have burned.Yesterday again there was no wind which meant that the smoke hung heavily in the air. We sit in a valley with lovely views of mountains all around us but with the smoke we can't see anything. We can't open the windows for a breath of fresh air.  Those of us with asthma feel it a bit more than others. The evening sunsets have a more brilliant palette of color with the smoky screen. I heard that Lost Lake, my open water practice swim place, is now closed because of the fire's proximity.

This fire is burning only trees now but there is another fire across the river in Washington that burned nine homes yesterday. And of course there is the terrible conflagration in Texas. We can be thankful that only trees are burning here. Let's all pray for rain!

While I sugar up the marionberries and mix up some cobbler dough you can take a look at this fun little slideshow of the cross channel swim last Monday. And here's a great shot of Mr. Alligator taking the plunge into the river.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. My cousin is getting married at midnight 9/10/11 at 12. A little strange to get married at midnight. They are having a pig pickin' beforehand.

    We'll pray for rain. It's hard to believe it's hot there now when it's been so cool here. Off to watch the videos.


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