Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Wedding Review

Three weddings over the weekend and all three had the color of the year incorporated in their designs. Sometime I'm going to sit down and count all the weddings I have done in 2011 that have used orange. I think that color has predominated, even over purple.  I've seen orange and grey, orange and purple, orange and pink and this weekend, orange and red, a nice combination for September.

I was challenged by our heat wave over the weekend. It got near 100 degrees all over the state. That kind of heat doesn't work well with any kind of cake icing but I take particular care with my specialty icing made with whipped cream. I had to work carefully to keep everything cold, delivering the cakes and cupcakes at the latest possible times to ensure that nothing was served in a melted state.

I loved the dahlias for this cake. Paired with the ivy I was pleased with the results.

These mokara orchids come in a rainbow of colors. The red is especially beautiful.

This outdoor wedding had a bevy of garden flowers in colors including orange. For the cupcakes and bridal cutting cake the bride wanted to use pink rose buds only.
This was one tempting buffet of scrumptious chocolate fudge cupcakes with chocolate cream icing. The chocolate-loving bridal couple had a fudge cake covered in rich dark chocolate ganache.  A few vanilla treats were thrown in for those occasional folks that don't like chocolate.

The wedding season, like the summer, is winding down. A few more events are on the schedule and soon I'll be preparing for my trip to greet the arrival of a new grandbaby!


  1. All of these are so pretty but especially the one with the orange mums. And I am not even an orange person. You do beautiful work!
    Also a big thank you! I have learned more about pies from your pie tutorial on the Pioneer Woman blog than I have in the last ten years. I think this has inspired me to keep trying to create pies that I am happy with.

  2. Hi Kathy, Thank you for your comment and the compliment. I'm so glad the pie tutorial was helpful. It's hard to put things like that into words sometimes instead of demonstrate so I'm happy to hear the words were effective. The world needs more GOOD pie! Keep on practicing and you'll become proficient and eat good pie in the process!

  3. Orange? I guess a lot of OSU people are getting married :)

  4. Yeah, maybe!
    When I was in Austria about six years ago I saw a wedding taking place (on a weekday) at a castle. The bride wore an orange dress and the bridesmaids wore orange scarves. I saw more orange fashion in Italy on that trip. It was definitely THE color of the season. I'm doing ANOTHER orange flowered cake tomorrow too!


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