Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting It Done

Construction projects usually progress pretty slowly with us. A little here, a bit there, as we have money and time. The current addition on the house has been getting done in record time since -the rains- they are a' comin'!

The last two weekends and the next three or so will be work parties from dawn until dusk. Last weekend the sons helped their dad and so did my little brother.

Son Neal would like to just build the whole thing himself except that he has this regular job he has to go to every day.

Even the little boys have been busy. Sam is in his element. He loves anything that involves tools and working with the men. He's getting very proficient with tools too. Peter is always cheerful when asked to complete a task. Both boys are learning about the satisfaction that comes from working hard and doing things for ourselves.

Though Samuel prefers tools over toys, he also can set a very pretty table. He spent a lot of time and thought tonight setting the table for our al fresco supper on the decking of our new construction.
The boy is a paradox. Actually, he is simply creative and has an interest in many different things.
Kind of like his mama.

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  1. Looks like it's moving along!

    You dinner setting looks like a paradox, too-- lovely cafe table for four, construction scene atmosphere...


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