Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fire on the Mountain

Our side of Mt. Hood is on fire.

It began with a lightening strike a few days ago. This fire is at a lower elevation than the large Gnarl Ridge fire in 2008 That fire started in early August by lightening strike and burned until the rains started in October. This fire is also in the state forest and currently not threatening any homes but it sure is creating lots of smoke. Early this morning the sky was completely overcast, hazy with white smoke. Then the day's winds started up and the sky cleared to its usual summer blue with the smoke once again blowing off to the west.

Events like these cause lots of excitement in our little community. Last night our tiny town of Parkdale, population 273, was featured on the big city news because of the fire attention.

Here is a great night photo of the glow of fire on the mountain taken by Blaine Franger.

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  1. That night shot is amazing. Sorry you're having to deal with all the smoke.


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