Monday, September 19, 2011

Carrot Harvest

The kids harvested a nice crop of carrots from the garden.

I've tried a number of ways of storing them including keeping them in a spare refrigerator but inevitably the carrots end up getting moldy or rotten pretty quickly. This year I just don't have time to blanch and freeze them all so we're doing what I did successfully last year for long term storage.

In a large heavy plastic container the carrots are being buried in clean play sand and the whole container will be kept in the cold storage/root cellar where we keep potatoes and pumpkins. The sand keeps the carrots from freezing in the winter while keeping them dry enough to prevent mold growth or decomposition.

The kids got most of the wheel barrow load of carrots into this container and completely covered them with sand. We'll pull them out as we need carrots and they'll be as crisp and fresh as when they were harvested.


  1. You may need to dampen the sand just slightly... Carrots are normally stored with some humidity. I use buckets of dirt, and I've found that if the dirt is dry, they turn rubbery really fast.

  2. Oh, and those are some HUGE carrots! There's one thing a cool summer is good for!

  3. Yes, huge and they didn't split since we didn't have any rain.

    The carrots were wet when they were put in. I did exactly the same thing last year and they were always crisp, never rubbery. I was amazed. Probably because we have so much humidity all winter anyway.

  4. Would this be a way to store canna bulbs too? Just wondering, my mother in law use to make me dig hers up every year, but she didn't put them in anything...I have some of my own this year and want to save them from our harsh winter!

  5. I think it would definitely be worth a try. I think it would work with dahlias too. You can use sawdust but I would think sand would be more insulating.


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