Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding Cake Round Up

This cake was fun to make because the presentation was completely up to me. No preferences were given except that the wedding flowers included lavender and the colors were purple (again!) and green.

All the flowers, including three or four varieties of lavender came from my and Karen's gardens. I was really pleased with the result! The cake was vanilla with marionberry cream filling which was a lovely lavender color in the layers of the cake.

This cake was accompanied by fifty yellow polka-dotted cupcakes. The instructions were for only green flowers which can be a challenge to find. I thought it was sweet and the bride was very pleased. Vanilla cake (the most requested flavor this year) with chocolate cream filling.

I'll post one more tomorrow with a how-to for candied orange slices.

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  1. Wow great giant and delicious wedding cakes. I loved the green flower


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