Thursday, August 4, 2011

Scooter Mania

One of the advantages of being married to a mechanic is that we always have a variety of motor vehicles around here.

(Sometimes, that is a dis-advantage.)

But for the kids it is a definite advantage.

One of the motorized vehicles we have right now is a discarded motor scooter that has been fixed up for running around. The original idea was that I would get to buzz up to the post office on my jaunty Vespa-wanna-be to get stamps or to the market to buy some buttermilk for the banana cake. But since the thing doesn't have a valid title it has become a play toy for the little boys who buzz around the yard all day, every day to the consternation of their long-suffering grandmother.



etc. etc. etc.

The boys have a decidedly different riding style. 
Samuel is a free-wheeling speed junkie.

Peter is much more concentrated in his focus.

And I would have much more fun with it if I was actually riding in a little Tuscan village to buy the day's bread and wine.


  1. Well, at least you can ride it, um, out to your herb bed to pick chives for your eggs...

  2. Ah...long suffering is right! It's the ALL DAY part that I do not like esp when I might take a 15 min. nap and I can't have my windows open for some cool breeze 'cause of the exhaust fumes. Secretly hoping the motor burns out!

  3. They're going to the pool today so it should be a quiet day...


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