Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Riding with a Real Cowboy

I was going to do a post about our equine encounters at the Drummond Ranch. I got to have a memorable ride on a cutting horse that was as responsive as a Mercedes. Alyssa and her new friend, Ellen, had an extra ride with some great instruction from the horse trainer including saddling, feeding and grooming of their mounts. But since I am catching up on garden chores around here (pruning the tomato plants to try to coax some kind of harvest) and making a picnic supper to enjoy at a mountain lake tonight, I encourage you to check out April's post on the same horsey subject. She did a better job than I would have anyway.


  1. More surprises! That had to have been fun.

  2. I had no idea April was going to be there with you! You two must have had a blast. When will we be able to see what you made?

  3. Yes, I asked because I felt like it would be the one chance I would have to spend time with April. Ree was incredibly generous with everything including inviting April and Ellen. I am waiting for Ree to publish her post about the workshop. Coming soon!


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