Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pie Workshop Post at PW

The Pioneer Woman made a post about our awesome day making pie at The Lodge in Oklahoma.

Mosey on over there to see some great photos of the guests and their beautiful pies.


  1. I saw it last night. I'm impressed with your approach of teaching the different fats used to make pie crust. (And it's good to see your face in your pictures.) I didn't even attempt the quiz.

  2. Just found your wonderful blog via Coal Creek Farm blog. Love the recipes and can't wait till the heat subsides (100's) to try some (like easy dill pickles, mayo and quiche). Look forward to more posts! P.S. Your pottery is gorgeous!

  3. Hi Christine, thanks for your kind words. The dill pickles and mayo won't heat up your kitchen and they're so easy! Good luck!


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