Sunday, August 14, 2011

No Turning Back

Another busy weekend is over. I iced and delivered 400 servings of cake to three events.

Those blue be-ribboned cakes, very different from my usual style, went to a large QuinceaƱera- a fifteenth birthday party for a Hispanic girl. That party was larger than any wedding I have seen this season.

Complete with a Mariachi band.

I have decided to make no more octagon shaped wedding cakes. They are a royal pain in the patooty.

After the delivery of these two events I collapsed into a stupor for about twelve hours.

Then I woke up and started making lists for the pie workshop at the Pioneer Woman's ranch lodge in Oklahoma.

Time to change gears!

So we (me and my two lovely assistants that I birthed, schooled and trained in the art of pie making) are leaving this week and will be gone next weekend talking pie, making pie and eating pie in Oklahoma.

I wonder what in the wide world the boys will do without us?

Oh. They will be doing what they do best-

Making a mess.

Remember last fall when I told you about our upcoming house renovation project? How I moved perennials,  rose bushes, lavender plants and climbing vines from the border beds so that we could be prepared to begin our project first thing in the spring?

It's August and we are now, I'm pretty sure, going to begin to start.

While I am gone to Oklahoma, rolling pie dough and exchanging Gone With the Wind trivia facts with The Pioneer Woman, Mr. Dirtywrench and the boys are going to tear down this section of the house.

Yes, I said they are going to make a big mess when I am not home.

It's what they do best.

But it's already started and I haven't even left yet.

Today Mr. Dirtywrench set the standard by tearing apart the tiny little bedroom, removing the built-in closet and desk, ripping out the carpet, pulling down the ceiling and bringing down all the blown insulation that was residing under the rafters.

Better him than me.

I think I will just enjoy my pie making and pie eating next Saturday.
I will not think about what is going on here in my absence.


  1. Ack! What a mess!!

    Those blue-ribboned cakes are so... Latino! I bet they loved them!

  2. Gracious! I'm gone on vacation for a week and I miss all kinds of news. I would have entered that giveaway at Ree's in a skinny minute to be able to take pie making lessons from the best! I'm looking forward to the pictures and stories. Eat some pie for me.

  3. @SG- it would have been so great to have you there too!

    @Katie- say goodbye to your old room!


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